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Take Your Game to the Next Level & Achieve Your True Potential 

JZ Athletics

A One-of-a-kind Personalized Nutrition Coaching Plan for High School Football Athletes Looking to Go Pro and Become the Best at their Sport. 

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Specialized Nutrition can be a Gamechanger for Your Journey 

It’s no secret that the biggest sports stars on the planet follow a specialized nutrition plan. But what you might not know is just how vital sports nutrition is for your success. 

Simply Put – Nutrition is Powerful. And it can be an excellent source of standing out from the competition. We’ve seen proper nutrition help our young athletes recover faster, improve energy levels, and prevent injuries to a large extent – all of which lead to peak performance.

If you’re a high-school football athlete looking to become the best possible version of yourself, dominate the sport, and get noticed by colleges and top-level coaches or scouts; following a nutrition plan becomes imperative.  

This is where Unrivaled Insights Meet Unparalleled Support 

The JZ Athletics Nutrition Coaching Plan was designed to leverage insights from your unique situation before coming up with a solution for you:

❌Perhaps you have trouble gaining weight no matter how hard you try…

❌Maybe you need to lose a little weight to make the team….

❌You’re unsure of what kind of supplementation suits you best…

No matter what your concerns are, we take these insights and craft a custom plan that allows you to overcome and tackle the challenges you’re facing. 

But that’s not all, we combine this plan with constant ongoing support to help you stay on the right path – after all consistency is the key to success in sport and in life!

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What’s Included with Your Coaching Plan?

✔️Initial Consultation to better understand your current condition, future goals, and the potential gaps in your nutrition

✔️Weekly 1:1 sessions to help you learn what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat during and after training

✔️Regular Check-in Calls Via Zoom to ensure that you’re following your specialized nutrition plan and address any questions you might have

✔️Access to our intuitive App that keeps you on track and integrates effortlessly with platforms like ‘my fitness pal’ to monitor your food intake 

All of the above and a whole lot more for a price of only $1499 over a period of 2 months. Fast track your results, and see the difference for yourself! 

Who is the FITTnatics Coaching Program for?

Wondering if our personalized 1:1 coaching plan is for you? It just might be if you fall in any of the categories below:

✔️You’re a high school football player looking to optimize your performance in every little way possible so that you can go pro or be scouted by top-level universities and coaches 

✔️You’re an athlete who has trouble with their nutritionwhether it’s gaining weight despite eating a lot or losing weight without losing muscle mass

✔️You’re a parent who is proud and aware of your child’s potential and want to watch them reach elite levels

Our program is not only helpful for high-school athletes who play football but just about any other sport like basketball, softball, and soccer!

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Why Work with Us?

No Fad Diets or Boring Meal Plans 

We understand that boring meal plans are hard to follow and become repetitive. This is why our program makes sure to steer away from ineffective fad diets and recommends nutrition rooted in research and results. 

Get Access to Better Opportunities 

In the long term, better nutrition means enhanced performance and enhanced performance means better opportunities at going pro OR getting sports scholarships at some of the best institutions in the country. 

Work with an Experienced Coach 

You’ll receive mentorship and training from a highly experienced coach who has been there and done that. This is a great way to avoid wasting resources on mistakes that can set you back and get things right the first time.

Unique Individualized Approach 

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Each case is different and each athlete is different. This is why we specifically tailor our sports nutrition plans to meet your individual goals and needs.

Accountability and Constant Support 

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the program is accountability. It’s difficult to stay on track and achieve favorable results without that. We ensure that you never fall off the wagon with manual intervention in the form of regular check-in calls, and thanks to our intuitive app. 


Our past clients include the likes of Olympic athletes such as Desiree Scott from Canada and CFL football 3 Time MVP Andrew Harris. Hear what people say about our coaching:

“My experience is absolutely great, this program has helped me achieve many goals of mine, I was stuck at 185 lbs and could not gain weight, now I weight over 205+ and i have gotten much stronger, I am very thankful for Jared and his program” – Chandler Wilson

“FITTnatics is awesome at fitness and nutritional training. Jared and Zorig understand what it takes as they have walked the walk and apply their knowledge to help others.
They take the time to understand their clients, what their goals are and what struggles they have faced in the past to make a program tailored specifically for them that’s attainable to hit those goals. That are constantly in contact, especially as you first start to make sure you get started on the rite foot and don’t get discouraged. I have tried several programs and this is the only one that is sustainable for life!!” – Lee H

“I’ve worked with Zorig for 2.5 years and I couldn’t be happier. When we started, I was having a hard time finding a fitness routine, and I needed help to strengthen my body to manage daily chronic back pain. I have seen huge gains while working with Zorig – I can lift weights I never imagined I could, I’ve learned a ton, and above all, I live pain free 99% of the time. I’m surprised at how much I love working out, but above all, what I appreciate the most about Zorig is that he is open minded, he listens, and he is always willing to learn more. He knows a lot, and what he doesn’t know, he researches. I highly recommend working with Zorig!” – Audrey T

“Fantastic coach. Personalized service, understanding of your bespoke goals and fitting a plan around you. Extremely supportive and focuses on more than just exercise, fitness and nutrition. There’s a big focus on mental well being which means you will get lasting results.” – Ross M

Invest in Your Potential Today

Remember, if you’ve got the potential to make it; you owe it to yourself to nurture it. Now is the time to invest in yourself so that you can reap the rewards later!

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