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A “real” friend is…

Work out with a buddy, not just any ‘buddy’ but a real friend.

⬇️ Comment your workout buddy! ⬇️

” ____________ “

What does it take to work out on your own? Not a lot… Freedom of your own schedule, your own space to work out your mental state self-efficacy and the list goes on!

But what’s missing from this list?


1️⃣ Accountability

What happens if you lose your mojo by the third day, week or even month? Your training partner should be there to hold you to it (not your hand). If they can’t. Did they really care?


2️⃣ Community

When you’re out mingling with your peers… From a distance of course… It builds on whatever you’re doing outside of the gym/field/basement and can grow strong relationships with greater meaning! Because remember they’ve seen you at your worst they know you when you’re being your best!


3️⃣ Variety

Ever have that friend who blabs about all the new programs they’ve learned before? Well this can be good for your body as it creates a stimulus in your body activating new muscles that can pop when you’re changing your 5th V-neck of the week @jonathan_goodman101 😉

So while we’re trying to keep the length of ME apart (6’2″), and you both are doing it safely, it’s an all around win-win for you plus the person helping spot your 400lbs squat… #Awkward bro, just awkward… Or bench!

If you need someone to keep you accountable for training I’d love to chat more about it.
If you’re in the area come train with me at @otf_eaststpaul! 🍊

To book a strategy to help you lose 10lbs of fat and gain muscle book a time to chat!

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